Bayco Featured on

March 17, 2016

Article by: Catharina Schupp

A visit to the exhibition stand of Bayco is an extraordinary experience, because here the visitor gets the best to see the best: rare gems that make the heart of every connoisseur and gemologists higher.

Founded by Moris and Giacomo Hadjibay 1981 in New York company Bayco committed to the absolute luxury, the maxim is to process only the most exquisite gemstones in unique jewelry that adorns social elites and royal heads.

First, the gems are reground in order to get the maximum beauty of these. During the subsequent design process of the stone is the focus of the design, then this is breathed in the studios by master craftsmen life. The result is perfect jewels, the old and new trends clever mix together in their design. Thus, influences of Mughal era find just as timeless, classic elements that emphasize the uniqueness of the data processed in gem gemstone. Aesthetically, it is to capture the target absolute beauty.

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