Ruby Passion

June 7, 2015

Article by: Margo Raffaeli

For centuries, the ruby ​has been one of the most exiting minerals on the earth. The pure corundum is completely colorless, but if the tiny particles of chromium get into it the real drama begins, and the crystal turns red. Astrologers call it the mineral of power and strength, firmly connected with karma of bright and motivated people. Ruby gives a clot of powerful energy, it strengthens you and protects from evil spells. This stone is considered to be a cure for melancholy and depression. It provides melancholic and shy people with self-confidence, and it helps lazy-bones to find their own way to express themselves. Red corundum is a stone of financial success, which allows to find a gold mine, as well as teaches conducting business among even those who are always head in the clouds. Also it represents a great love magnet attracting sexual energy.

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