March 26, 2015

Article by: Margo Raffaeli

The kingdom of stones is a separate aspect of the jewelry world – a complex interaction of colors, shapes and emotions that represent the minerals of the human soul.  In order to be a commercial success, the creators of jewelry should first fall in love with them.  Then the spark materializes, making every piece special.  Later these feelings are transmuted to the client.

Love, togetherness and loyalty to the precious business are the foundation of the Hadjibay family, whose three generations run the House of BAYCO.  When I first saw their jewelry, I was reminded of the grand Maharaja and luxurious life, which was famous for Indian lands in the first half of the XX century.  The brand’s collection is able to satisfy even the most demanding collector: its Burmese pigeon blood rubies weigh more than 5 carats, Ceylon sapphires weigh more than 10 carats and contains spotlessly clean Colombian emeralds of all shapes and sizes, all whirling together in a precious dance with diamonds, designed to disarm and leave you speechless. BAYCO combines the classic elegance and luxury of the East – its founder, Amir Hadjibay, was born in Iran and from an early age engaged in the sale of gems.  He started in India (for Maharajas), and next in Italy (for jewelry brands).  In 1981, his sons Moris and Giacomo founded the BAYCO Company, which headquartered in New York, and from 1994 they began to produce their own jewelry.  Recently Marco and Manuel, the third generation of the Hadjibay dynasty, have joined the family business – they have fresh ideas and have brought BAYCO to a new level.

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