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July 18, 2014

Bayco Jewellers: A Gem Is Our Muse

Article by: Katerina Perez

A tale of rags to riches, from pauper to prince, the origins of the American brand Bayco are nothing short of fascinating. In the middle of this century Bayco’s founder, Amir Hadjibay, started out by exchanging Persian rugs for precious gems. Young and ambitious, he became gradually more accomplished in the gem dealing trade, forging relationships in distinguished circles and, of course, accumulating a vast selection of magnificent gems. Diligence and sustaining an excellent reputation led to him becoming the go-to gem-dealer amongst the most prestigious jewellery houses.

Nowadays Bayco is run by the second and third generation of the Hadjibay family who proudly carry the legacy of their forefather. To learn more about how a family business is run, what younger generations can bring to the table and why Bayco jewellery is a worthwhile today, I went to Bayco’s headquarters in the heart of New York.

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